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EasyTaichi - This is the video we most recommend to beginners, seniors and people with health issues. The most important factors for novices learning from a video are that (a) the video be user friendly, and (b) that the form it teaches be both easy and convenient to practice in a small space. The Easy Tai Chi video was designed with these two criteria specifically in mind.

Dr. Jeffery has created a two DVD package for beginners called the "Dynamic Duo". Learn the basic tai chi principles and breathing with the 4 Minute Fitness DVD, practice for a couple of weeks, then begin the step by step process of learning Tai Chi for Busy People. His more advanced tai chi DVD is called Easy Tai Chi CORE. (www.EasyTaiChiCORE.com).

It can be purchased later on, or in a more >complete beginners package called "The Works". For anyone who is serious about getting results - a package called "The Ultimate". (www.EasyTaiChi.com/ultimate.htm) And Dr. Jeffery offers Easy Tai Chi Teachers Certification - www.EasyTaiChi.com/teachers.htm

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